Rev. Wilma Zaltman is not a medical doctor nor associated with any branch of allopathic medicine. Wilma is a Health Intuitive; her diagnostic opinions are based on her intuition and should not be a substitute for medical procedures or treatments. ALWAYS consult a physician or trained health care professional concerning diagnosis for any medical problems or conditions before undertaking any health related or lifestyle change program.

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Cell: (516) 666-2761

Wilma Zaltman


Cell: (516) 666-2761



Cell: (516) 666-2761

Speak with
Rev. Wilma directly over the telephone. She is a moment away.

(516) 666-2761

We are all neighbors and have such easy access to the Spirit
in one another.
In addition to working on individuals, Wilma offers classes on Long Island and New York. Classes in Breaking Through The Illusion, The Bars, Theta Healing, Rising Star and many others are offered to assist those who desire to reclaim their optimum health on all levels.

 Call Wilma and introduce yourself; she will be happy to speak to you
 and answer your questions.

Access Conciousness
Access is a set of tools and processes that are designed to facilitate more
​consciousness for everyone. To live without judgment, with the willingness and capacity to be totally aware, totally present in all areas of your life. Consciousness is the ability to continually awaken to more possibility, more choices and become fully alive.

Access The Bars

The first step to changing your life is to have The Bars run.
Bars is used to facilitate change in all areas of your life and unlock limitation.
After each session you become more present in your life and the past will stop projecting into your future.

Private and class sessions are available.

Theta Healing
  • Basic DNA 2
  • Advanced Healing
  • Manifesting and Abundance

    Call Rev. Wilma now for a session!​

Rising Star Healing System™ 

Rising Star is a sacred healing system reintroduced to humanity by the Ascended Masters.  As amazing as it sounds, the Masters tell us the Rising Star actually encompasses all healing modalities that are present on the Planet at this time, plus a lot more.  This is an extremely powerful initiation from Source, that calls upon the Fire of Truth to remove all energies that are not in accordance with the True Self.  It raises the vibration of the aura (or human energy field) and the energy field around every living thing.  The Rising Star allows both the client and the practitioner to still the mind and transfer Divine Life Force Energy to the part of their Being where it is most needed for healing and rebalancing to full health.

This multi-level healing occurs because the Rising Star works on all levels of the human being at once: THE MIND, THE PHYSICAL, and THE SPIRITUAL. The healing energy knows precisely where it is most needed.

The overall response to this healing system speaks for itself.  Many who have received a Rising Star session have gone on to become practitioners and teachers themselves.

The Rising Star™ was channeled by Derek O'Neill, a psychotherapist, healer and instrument of Divine Energy from Dublin, Ireland.

His Holiness Sri Sathya Sai Baba personally blessed the Rising Star Healing System for the Planet.

Contact: Rev Wilma       (516) 666-2761

Personal Session : $125.00                      Email: revwilmainfo@gmail.com


Here are first-hand testimonials of how deeply powerful the Rising Star Healing System, Initiation and Training workshop are:

"Since the initiation, my healing work has moved to another level.  My sense is that I am now able to hold a higher frequency, thus my clients are benefiting.  It is very exciting."  L.W (Chicago)

"I did a session today on one of my clients.  I felt so blissed out and in such gratitude to be able to do this technique.  I feel I was waiting for this.  It is such a deep honor for me to be doing this.  It moves my heart in a very special way." - JS (Phoenix)

"Each day I feel blessed to be doing this work and to be able to share this powerful gift with others."  Rev. Wilma


Rev. Wilma, BA, MA, is an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Psychotherapist, Spiritual Counselor, Health Intuitive, Initiated Teacher and Practitioner of the Rising Star Healing System and Workshop Facilitator.  She is a Theta Healing Practitioner and Teacher.

Rev. Wilma has dedicated her life to assisting others in their self-healing process.

Please call if you would like to schedule a private session ​or sponsor a workshop

Again, contact Rev. Wilma (516) 666-2761