Wilma Zaltman
Rev. Wilma has spend 30 years developing her technique called Morpho-Transendence™ which utilizes energetic and spiritual forces changing stress into clarity, and bringing happiness and  balance back into your life.

Wilma is no stranger to Stress Management,
that's for sure.  It is now a common term.

All sessions are held in the utmost confidentiality and are a sacred connection with the client and Creator. Each session is conducted from the creators perspective with unconditional love, and free from all judgment. She is selective in affording herself a 'qualifying process' with her current client base and has clients from everywhere in the world.  Spiritually, we are all neighbors and have access to this power in each other at all times.
Rev. Wilma's takes the client's permission of entering their space as the ultimate statement of confidence.

Rev. Wilma Zaltman is not a medical doctor nor associated with any branch of Allopathic Medicine. Wilma is a Health and Transformation Intuitive; her diagnostic opinions are based on her intuition and should not be a substitute for medical procedures or treatments. ALWAYS consult a physician or trained health care professional concerning diagnosis for any medical problems or conditions before undertaking any health related or lifestyle change program.

Stress Management
Reverend Wilma Zaltman has been speaking professionally about 'Stress Management' well before it was in fashion.
Thirty years ago she developed tape programs and
workbooks. Wilma is a trend setter. This has become as
much a part of our culture today as proper nutrition and breathing better.

The term "Stress" was coined by Austro-Canadian endocrinologist Hans Selye, in 1936.

The US National Institute for Health (NIS) and the American Medical Society AMA both rate stress as the most common cause of all disease.

Stress is the condition that results when a person or environment leads the individual to perceive a discrepancy, whether real or not, between the demands of a situation and the person's biological or social systems. Stressful stimuli can
be mental, physiological, anatomical or physical.

Stress is a normal part of life that can help us learn and grow. Conversely, stress can cause us significant problems. When
under stress powerful neuro chemicals and hormones, that
prepare us for action are released (Fight or Flight responses).
If we don't take action, the stress response can lead to health problems. Prolonged, uninterrupted, unexpected and unmanageable stress are the most damaging types
of this disorder.

Everyone experiences stress in varying forms and degrees everyday. A life without stress is a life without stimulus and
without stimulus we die.

In small doses stress, stressors can help to give us increased energy and alertness.

Being aware of how you respond to stress and the demands that it takes on you physically, mentally and emotionally are important to your living a healthy life.

Rev. Wilma became involved in Stress Management more
than 30 years ago. Her guidance has led people to break free from the downward cycle that stress was having on them in all aspects of their lives.

Call Now, as your life and health are important to you.

Her telephone number is (516) 666-2761

You are cordially, invited to call and speak with Rev. Wilma directly over the telephone now,

(516) 666-2761

She loves working with clients anywhere in the world, knowing we are all neighbors and have such easy access to the Spirit in one another.
“All that we are is a result of what we have thought”.
  - Abraham Lincoln